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Tea Time with Faculty

WME Presents: Team Time with Faculty in Johnson 220

Spring 2017: Come join us once a week in the WME Lounge to discuss with faculty their research, why they chose engineering, and their experience as a woman in engineering. There are 10 spots for each event, so RSVP early! Food will be provided. Don't misss this opportunity to get to know our amazing women engineers!

All engineering students welcome to register

The current roster of faculty include:

Week 3Bryony DuPont(MIME) will be in the lounge at Thursday April 20th from 11AM-12PM.

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Week 6Jihye Park (CCE) will be in the lounge on Tuesday May 9th from 11AM-12PM. 

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Week 7Natasha Mallette (CBEE) will be in the lounge Tuesday May 16th from 11AM-12PM. 

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Week 8Tala Navab-Daneshmand(CBEE) will be in the lounge Monday May 22nd from 12PM-1PM. 

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Week 9Dr. Julie Tucker(MIME) will be in the lounge Wednesday May 31st from 11AM-12PM. 

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For any questions, please contact Wallacsa@oreonstate.edu


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