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Karena Dokken Mentor Award

Student MentorKarena Dokken Mentor Award

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Nominations are due by January 31, 2013

Each February, $1,000 will be awarded to a College of Engineering student who has made a difference in first-year student’s lives, by serving as a mentor.

Students will be selected by the Office of Women and Minorities in Engineering.

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About this award:

Karena Dokken was a senior in Mechanical Engineering program at OSU. She was diagnosed with Ewing's Sarcoma (a bone and soft tissue cancer) in December 2008 and she immediately started chemotherapy and radiation treatment, which continued for her remaining 14 months. She took a one term break from school at OSU and then took classes online during spring term 2009. Nearing the end of her treatment, she returned to OSU full-time in fall 2009. She endured many physical setbacks from cancer recurrence during the terms. Karena attended classes to the very end; regardless of the cane, oxygen tank or wheelchair she needed to get to class. Realizing her time was limited, she set multiple travel destinations to fit in between her classes. December 2009 took her to New York City and in January she spent time withKarena Dokken friends at the Oregon coast and then a trip to Las Vegas and the Grand Canyon. The day after her 23rd birthday in February she left for Maui with her parents. All of the trips were hampered by medical issues but she preserved and created many wonderful memories for her family and friends. She was able to get home to Salem from Maui where she immediately was taken to the hospital and died the next afternoon.

Family, friends and the OSU community held a wonderful celebration of Karena's life in the Kelley Engineering building on February 20, 1010. Karena was also an accomplished clarinet performer and the OSU Wind Ensemble played in her honor.

Karena was an amazing force in the OSU Engineering Department. She served as an Engineering Ambassador for multiple years, returning to her own high school frequently to extol the virtues of OSU Engineering Programs. Her most significant contribution was the creation of the mentoring program for women engineers in 2007. Her program, starting from an idea for a class project has developed into a successful support system for OSU women engineers. In order to continue to keep Karena's dream alive, a memorial scholarship fund has been established to benefit the student leading the mentors and mentees program. Click here to nominate a student to receive the Karena Dokken Mentor Award!

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