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Not only does WME offer programming to welcome incoming and prospective students, but you can find ways to get involved with STEM fields before you even get to college. These programs are designed to motivate young people to see the great benefits that come from engineering, both to society and to one's own development. Check out some of the opportunities available to K12 students:

Educators and Teachers- invite an Oregon State University Ambassador to your class!
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  • We can help your students see the connections between math, science, and real world issues.
  • Many of your students may be searching for a career that will enable them to make a positive difference, while at the same time, earn an excellent salary.
  • From software that is easier to use, to rivers that are flowing at rates more favorable to endangered species of salmon, to bridges and buildings that are safer for humans, engineers have a hand in shaping the world for the better.
  • Eight of the top ten salaries for college graduates are in the engineering field
  • Our presentation can be tailored to your classroom needs, (30 minutes, 60 minutes or 90 minutes).

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