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Joel Hwee

Joel Hwee is a third year student here at Oregon State majoring in mechanical engineering with a minor in mathematics. He decided that he wanted to pursue a career in engineering his junior year of high school; in a physics class. This is because he saw engineering and innovation to be the perfect blend of his two biggest academic interests: mathematics and science. Through school, as he learned more and more, his pursuit of engineering has gone from a goal to a passion

When he is not studying, he works as an undergraduate research assistant for Dr. Jonathan Hurst at the Dynamic Robotics Lab on the CASSIE project. He is a part of the composite materials team, manufacturing and testing carbon fiber and fiberglass protective shells for the robot. In his free time he is on the leadership and planning team for Epic Movement where he plans weekly meetings and retreats. He is also a member of the Oregon State Fishing Club and loves to play intramural sports like soccer, basketball and wiffle ball.

Originally from Portland, OR, he graduated from Cleveland High School where he played several sports and volunteered at MESD’s outdoor school as a student leader. Back home, he spent his summers teaching swim lessons and coaching the swim team at the local pool, and adventuring in the outdoors.


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