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Electrical and Computer Engineering

Electrical and computer engineers design, build, market, and support electronic products and computer hardware--from networks and electronic devices such as cell phones and wireless sensors, to wind and wave energy systems and the power grid that delivers electricity to our homes. You can focus on computer architecture, microprocessor systems, problem-solving methods for developing electronics, or build new technologies for our ever-changing world.

What Electrical and Computer Engineers do...

  • Develop wind, wave, and solar energy systems
  • Design tomorrow's personal electronics
  • Work with the semiconductor industry
  • Create image technology used in ultrasounds, MRIs, and CAT scans
  • Design wireless networks for cell phones

Computer Science

Computers are everywhere, from cell phones to skyscrapers. Computer scientists tell computers how to act and interact. They collaborate with other disciplines to create solutions. At Oregon State, you can build a video game, design graphics, program a robot, teach a computer to drive a car, or even contribute to Open Source software used by peoploe worldwide.

What Computer Scientists do...

  • Develop, test, and support graphics tools
  • Design and write gaming software
  • Manage development of Open Source and proprietary software
  • Manage computer operations for businesses
  • Engineer computer systems for the sciences, engineering, and the military


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