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The College of Engineering has many opportunities for students to get involved within the engineering community! The Office of Women and Minorities (WME) in Engineering provide additional resources to support underrepresented populations within the college during their collegiate experience. Here are some of the services available to WME students:

  • Incoming first-year students can register for one of the "Special Topics" courses to learn Oregon State University resources and support their transition into college life.
  • Financial aid is essential while attending college and WME is here to help you find additional scholarships! Visit the WME scholarships listing and apply for free money.
  • Oregon State University offers amazing opportunities to work with engineering companies conducting research.  Find out how you can gain experiences of a lifetime by exploring our undergraduate research opportunities!
  • Find your place within the engineering community and get involved with some of the student organizations that will support you through your college experience.
  • WME offers free study tables throughout the term for students enrolled in Chemistry, Physics and Mathematics courses.

Visit the WME facebook page for current students by clicking on the button below!

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