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Friends & Alumni

The Women and Minority in Engineering Program (WME) has many areas where alumni and friends can get involved. After all, we need your help in recruiting and retaining more women and minorities in the engineering field.

  • Volunteer!
  • Register to receive Momentum!
  • Encourage your company to support WME programs!
  • Designate gifts towards WME through the OSU Foundation!
  • Bottom line: GET INVOLVED!!!  Help bring more women and minorities into the exciting fields of engineering.

Here are some ways to get involved!

  • Volunteer to be a speaker
  • Support student research projects
  • Provide new scholarships
  • Sponsor student attendance at conferences
  • Provide graduate fellowships
  • Host campus events and site tours
  • Promote K12 events and teacher programs

To support WME or a program within, please contact:
Ellen Momsen
Director of Women and Minorities in Engineering
145 Batcheller Hall

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