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Whether it's assisting freshmen in orientation classes, traveling to high schools or mentoring new students, the College of Engineering student ambassadors are doing what it takes to make the OSU engineering experience world class.

Goals: Inspire more students to continue in higher math/science classes and to consider engineering as a career. Improve student persistence by providing support for freshman engineering students. Encourage young women and minorities to pursue engineering careers.

Schedule a College of Engineering Tour: Our Ambassadors lead tours of the College of Engineering Monday through Friday at 2:00 PM from Johnson Hall. Come learn what engineering at OSU is like from the student perspective!

Middle/High School Educators: We can help your students see the connections between math, science and real world issues. Many of your students may be searching for a career that will enable them to make a positive difference, while at the same time earn an excellent salary. From software that is easier to use to rivers that are flowing at rates more favorable to endangered species, engineers have a hand in shaping the world for the better. Our presentations are 30, 60, or 90 minutes.



Have a question? Contact the COE Ambassadors at askengineering@oregonstate.edu!

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