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Civil Engineering

Civil engineering involves the planning, design, and construction of the infrastructure we use every day--our highways, bridges, buildings, water supply, wastewater treatment plants, and many other facilities. As a civil engineering student, you can choose areas of emphasis that include: structures, transportation, water supply and wastewater treatment, earth structures and foundations, water resource systems, surveying, and construction.

What Civil Engineers do....

  • Design bridges, highways, buildings, and mass transit systems
  • Improve tsunami detection and evacuation
  • Implement safe fish passage in rivers
  • Plan better neighborhood development
  • Design for earthquake preparedness

Construction Engineering Management

Construction engineering management involves blending engineering and construction knowledge with sound business practices to efficiently build and manage major engineering projects. You'll learn how to lead teams that facilitate construction of buildings, highways, bridges, mass transit systems, and more!

What Construction Engineers do...

  • Transform engineering design into roads, bridges, buildings, and other facilities
  • Plan, schedule, and coordinate construction acivities
  • Work with engineers and architects to assure successful projects
  • Make construction safer, faster, and more economical
  • Build sustainable 'green' buildings


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