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Women student studying in KEC

The purpose of the Office of Women and Minorities in Engineering (WME) is to encourage women and minority students to join the promising field of engineering. Historically, engineering has gained the reputation of an un-diverse field. We are here to change that and to bring a new, fresher face to engineering.

The Office of Women and Minorities in Engineering (WME) at Oregon State University is dedicated to motivating and inspiring women and minority student populations to pursue careers in the Engineering field. WME is here to help you find scholarships, undergraduate research opportunities, internships and ultimately to support women and minority students in any way possible. WME supports multiple student organizations and develops programming to help first-year students successfully transition into Oregon State University. The Louis Stokes Alliance for Minority Participation (LSAMP) offers support to underrepresented, minority students in science and engineering fields. Find out ways to get involved and supported by WME!



Hawley Buxton: Living Learning Community for First Year
Engineering Students! 

The Hawley Buxton community makes it easy to find others in your classes to study with and hang out with. Most resident assistants for the floors are upper class engineering students who are full of advice and support. Floor-based programming promotes friendships and fun. This community allows you to get easily involved in Women in Engineering Program activities as well as all engineering programs for first year students.  Hawley Buxton is all about your success in engineering - all students are welcome and encouraged to apply.

You have a choice: co-ed floors or the all women floor (5th floor Buxton).

Apply today!  http://uhds.oregonstate.edu/housing/halls/buxton-hall

Application info: http://oregonstate.edu/uhds/apply-now

Lots of reasons to live and learn in Hawley Buxton!

  • On-site academic advising
  • Opportunities to meet engineering faculty
  • In-house study tables for foundation courses (Calculus, Physics, and Chemistry)
  • Activity coordinators, tutors, mentors, and friends.






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